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Bring Google Fiber to Fairfax!

We need your help.  Google is developing the next wave of ultra-high-speed broadband communications.   Google is asking local governments and residents to demonstrate why they should be the first to have the new network.  To win this opportunity, we need to show them what we already know: Fairfax County, Washington DC’s front yard, is the greatest place in the nation to test emerging technology.

If brought to Fairfax County, Google’s experimental Fiber network will increase tele-work and reduce our traffic. Local businesses, and State, Local and Federal government will increase productivity as they become more green. Northern Virginia has many tech-industry job centers like Tyson’s Corner and the Dulles Corridor.  With the addition of this high-speed, competitively priced fiber network, these areas will accelerate attracting and providing cutting edge jobs, and help our area grow and stay strong.

The Fairfax County School system is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s best. The 25 publicly funded high schools includes the nationally stellar Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. The Fairfax School system is often selected for IT-related educational pilot programs. High-speed fiber would bring a previously unattainable amount of technology, data, and information to the classroom.

Help bring ultra-high-speed Internet service to Northern Virginia and break the vehicular and electronic gridlock in Washington DC Metro area.

This is a team effort, and we can only prove to Google how deserving we are by presenting an overwhelming and united front. Sign this petition, and contact your associates, friends, family, and neighbors today about getting Google to build America’s next-generation network in Fairfax County.

Sign this Petition to bring Google Fiber to NoVA


1. Read and complete the survey

2. Read and complete the community request form

3. Ask the Fairfax County Chairman and your local Supervisor to complete the government response form

4. Tell your friends to support the project

Click here to fill out the Community Request Form

Chairman: Sharon Bulova 703-324-2321

Braddock: John Cook 703-425-9300

Dranesville: John Foust 703-356-0551

Hunter Mill: Cathy Hudgins 703-478-0283

Lee: Jeff McKay 703-971-6262

Mason: Penny Gross 703-256-7717

MtVernon Gerry Hyland 703-780-7518

Providence: Linda Smyth 703-560-6946

Springfield: Pat Herrity 703-451-8873

Sully: Michael Frey 703-814-7100

Locally serves 25 publicly funded high schools, including Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and technology. Consistently ranked as one of the nation’s best public school systems, and regularly is the center for IT-related educational pilot programs. High speed fiber would give these schools a chance to bring an unprecedented level of technology in to the classroom.

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